Sabina Vatter PhD, RSHom

Qualified homeopath and psychology researcher


About me

Qualified homeopath and psychology researcher

​I first had homeopathy as a child when my mom gave me Arnica after falling and Belladonna for fever. Since then I have seen how wonderfully homeopathy helps with many psychological, emotional and physical symptoms in a natural, gentle and safe way, without any side effects.


After my bachelor's and master's studies in Psychology, I moved to England where I qualified as a homeopath from the North West College of Homeopathy in Manchester in the summer of 2019. I am registered with the Society of Homeopaths (RSHom overseas).


During my homeopathy studies, I also completed my PhD in Medicine with a specialisation in psychology at the University of Manchester in 2019. In addition, I have studied with world-class homeopaths, including with Professor George Vithoulkas in Alonissos, Greece.


As a homeopath, my greatest passion is to help people achieve their best health and well-being as well as promote homeopathy through research. I believe homeopathy should be available to everyone, regardless of location, language or opportunities. For this reason, I do online consultations in English, Estonian and Russian.

Allow homeopathy to support you in your journey to well-being and better health.


About homeopathy

Gentle, natural and holistic form of medicine

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an effective, natural and safe healthcare system that has been used by millions of people worldwide for over 200 years. The beauty of homeopathy lies in its approach of treating the person as a whole by stimulating the body's self-healing abilities to address physical, mental and emotional ailments. By using gentle stimulating remedies, which are prepared in homeopathic pharmacies, homeopathy restores the body's balance, increases well-being and boosts vitality.

Allow homeopathy to heal you as an integrated whole.

What can homeopathy help with?

Homeopathy can help with acute and chronic health issues:

  • Nervous system and mental health

  • Gynecological concerns

  • Pregnancy and childbirth

  • Endocrinology

  • Men's health issues

  • Pediatrics

  • Gastrointestinal problems

  • Respiratory diseases

  • Skin problems

  • Cardiovascular issues

  • Problems of the locomotor system

About consultations

We will discuss your health and concerns in an online consultation.


Following a thorough exploration of your symptoms, I will select a remedy, that fits with your mental, emotional and physical symptoms.


In the next month or two we will observe any changes.


“The sinusitis, the crusting over in my nose and the headaches have gone completely! In hay fever season, I’d be taking two antihistamines, one in the morning and one in the evening because it was just unbearable. Now I just get a touch of hay fever which I can live with it and it’s been really good!”



60 - 90 min




45 min






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